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Alassio (SV) Liguria

Villa Bianca
Frontal Sea View with Super Panoramic Swimming Pool
Competitive price and enviable location: the combination you were not expecting. This sort of price in Alassio – for a home just 900 m from the beaches and the town centre, with a stunning frontal view of the sea and a super panoramic swimming pool – is a one-off. The decision to endow the building with “A”-rated energy efficiency and to include gardens and landscaping confirms our desire to offer buyers not just a beautiful house at a great price but also a place that will be a joy to live in.

Why do we talk about guaranteed, 100% secure investment in the sticker?
Because right now a real estate property in Liguria is a safe-haven asset whose value is independent of the outside world. Because we offer you the guaranteed rental. Because your real estate property in Liguria is A-rated, with technologically innovative solutions, home automation and the protection we offer you thanks to posthumous ten-year insurance.
Close to the amenities, far from the world
Imagine feeling that all is well with the world, surrounded by the greenery of nature, nestling in silent peace, looking out to an endless sea. Then throw in the pleasure of taking a refreshing dip in a wonderful infinity pool with hydromassage feature, constituted by two tubs facing out over the Gulf of Alassio and Laigueglia. You can rest assured that your home has been extremely well-built, with an “A” rating for energy efficiency and a plethora of state-of-the-art solutions to enhance your wellbeing. Indeed, it’s no exaggeration to say that your sense of relaxation will tend towards infinity. Take the time to leave the crowded beaches behind, savouring the quiet atmosphere, surrounded by olive trees, as you make your way to a place of low-density housing and time-honoured traditions – all of this is sure to improve your quality of life.
To protect your privacy, the development contains just 16 residences, all with their own garden or private terrace; the communal areas will play host to a storage unit and bike shelter. The excellent construction quality is evident in the deployment of solutions with high levels of heat and sound insulation, the use of eco-compatible materials and the installation of adjustable climate control systems.
From €218,000
Liguria villas for sale Alassio (SV) Liguria
The virtue of regeneration
Villa Bianca arose out of the idea of overhauling a pre-existing building to create more liveable spaces and to optimise energy consumption, improving your quality of life by allowing you to get hands-on with eco-compatible materials. The optimisation of the interiors creates more light, and the use of better heat- and sound-insulation gives a greater sense of serenity, while the inclusion of the panoramic swimming pool guarantees fun and relaxation, generating new possibilities for shared good times. The green spaces and patios afford endless opportunities to bring the march of time to a standstill, enabling you to be utterly at peace with yourself and your nearest and dearest.
Liguria villas for sale Alassio (SV) Liguria
Living in Alassio is all about being part of a unique place. Indeed, even before you get here, the town welcomes you from afar with a breathtaking stretch of sheer coastline. The seafront is dotted with elegant hotels, little restaurants and bistros, where you can engage in lively conversations and savour traditional specialities and dishes from the international repertoire. The beaches of fine golden sand are complemented by the famous shopping thoroughfare of the “Budello”, with its wealth of international boutiques, to say nothing of the general beauty of the most characteristic streets and the delightful 18th-century townhouses. It all comes together to make the ambience truly special, as the charm of nature merges harmoniously with the urban elegance of this chic seaside town, which has more than a touch of high society about it.
For more than two centuries, since the time when English aristocrats discovered its year-round mild climate, Alassio has been a renowned tourist resort – one that attracts visitors from around the world. Its unique features and the comprehensive nature of its amenities allow it to be considered on a par with such fabled hotspots as Sanremo and Portofino.
Of great interest is the “Muretto”, the tile-covered wall signed by myriad celebrities, the first of whom was none other than Ernest Hemingway, who returned to Alassio time and again.
Liguria villas for sale Alassio (SV) Liguria
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