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Loano (SV) Liguria

I Delfini
Just 50 m from the Sea, with Large Panoramic Terraces.
Elegant and dramatic, the complex looks out to sea from the large panoramic terraces and is the ideal starting point for exploring the historical centre of Loano, just 150 metres away, and for strolling along the seafront, which is no more than 50 metres away.
Ready and waiting for you!
Special promotional offer: Furnishings free of charge.
Two- and three-room homes, all with customisable finishes and solutions
Designed for those who love living near the sea, with Loano’s reserved, glamorous amenities within easy reach, our development is the ideal place in which to re-charge your batteries. The use of eco-friendly materials delivers effective heat and sound insulation, creating an oasis of relaxation which can be accessed exclusively by you and your nearest and dearest. It’s not easy to imagine anything more evocative than an aperitif or dinner on the terrace, looking out over the sea as you savour the authentic specialities of Western Liguria!
Onda Marina is a cutting-edge project, with an innovative design approach: the facings are characterised by the cleanness of glass, and the exteriors by the durability of steel and the lightness of aluminium. The design’s technological soul puts quality of life centre stage: equipped with large windows to offer a better panoramic view, the apartments benefit from minimal energy loss and as such are A-rated for energy efficiency, with centralised climate control and solar panels to reduce consumption as far as possible.
Two-room apartment from €250,000 with furnishings free of charge*
*Promotion valid until summer 2018
Liguria villas for sale Loano (SV) Liguria
Discover the quality of the furnishings and accessories, come and visit the showhomes
When choosing a second home, it is very difficult to imagine just what the apartment of your dreams will look like once it has actually been built. Even if you like the location, construction details, panoramic views and general surroundings, it’s only normal that doubts may crop up about the layout of the rooms, the lighting and the design of the interior spaces.
On the ground floor of the complex, we have fully furnished a two-room apartment; on the second floor, we have selected a three-room apartment, so that you can get to grips with the two most popular home types first-hand. The style chosen by our designers is modern, marked out by a particular focus on the optimisation of spaces and a flair for the use of colour, with pastel shades combined with white to make the spaces feel all the more balanced and relaxing. When you actually see what can be done, any residual doubts you may have will soon disappear.
Liguria villas for sale Loano (SV) Liguria
Loano, a Ligurian paradise
This town is famed for its particularly mild climate and its quaint historical centre.
Loano’s location, sheltered from the winds, makes it ideal for those who are attracted by the idea of a mild climate with minimal temperature shifts, even in winter. The beautiful seafront is adorned by fountains, gardens and palms; parallel to it is the narrow street that runs through the 16th-century historical centre, which plays host to a plethora of boutiques and workshops. The beaches and the tourist port have been awarded the European blue flag.
Liguria villas for sale Loano (SV) Liguria
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