from euro 208,000

Loano (SV) Liguria

Mimose sul Mare
Sea Views 100 metres from the Beach
Chic, modern and relaxing: the main characteristics of the residence – which encapsulates our commitment to providing excellent value for money – are redolent of the joy of having a place to call your own and of making the most of it. Very close to the sea, the residence is due for completion in autumn 2017.
Special promotion: Furnishings free of charge.
Lofts, two- and three-room apartments with sea views
The little town of Loano has a particular character within the context of western Liguria: elite but not excessively so, elegant and with a touch of glamour, fascinating and understated, self-sufficient in terms of its services and facilities.
The same applies to the residence: this house for sale in Loano, located just 100 metres from the sea, is designed to combine the pleasure of sea views with elegant furnishings, optimised spaces and convenient solutions. Domotic climate control enables you to adapt the home to your needs, the “A” rating for energy efficiency reduces the running costs, and the absence of architectural barriers allows for maximum access comfort, particularly to the stylish loft spaces on the top floor. All of the apartments have either a terrace or a private garden.
Two-room apartment from €208,000 with furnishings free of charge*
*Promotion valid until summer 2018
Liguria villas for sale Loano (SV)
Discover the quality of the free-of-charge furnishings
When offering a house for sale, particularly in Loano, it is essential to provide the certainty that everything will pan out as expected: the excitement of the run-up to what is a very special purchase, and then finally getting your hands on the keys of what will be a new nest for your family, where you will all spend your free time. For this reason, we wanted to make the apartment available complete with furnishings provided free of charge, working with you as consultants, agreeing on the level of customisation and making it possible for you to see a mock-up of the final result straight away.If you’re interested in seeing a finished project, we also offer you the possibility to visit our showhomes, furnished in a modern style with painstaking attention to detail and a rock-solid commitment to getting the details right and to optimising the spaces.
Liguria villas for sale Loano (SV)
Savour the promenade and the tourist port, soak up the history and enjoy the mild climate
The town is constituted by the seafront, where the facilities of the renowned tourist port flow into the elegant promenade adorned with palms, fountains, boutiques and small bars and restaurants. The town’s specific location, sheltered from the wind, makes it the ideal place in which to live throughout the year, thanks to its extraordinarily mild climate and minimal temperature shifts. The beaches boast Blue Flag accreditation.
Liguria villas for sale Loano (SV)
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