from euro 220,000

Loano (SV) Liguria

Villa Edoardo
Just 150 m from the Sea and the town Centre,
with Private Grounds, large Gardens and Terraces
A great strength of this modern property – with its clean, minimal lines emphasised by the white exteriors and transparent terraces – is its location: it is situated in Loana’s residential district, close to the town centre and the sea, offering peaceful surroundings and providing convenient access to services and facilities.
With special promotion: furnishings and holiday accommodation free of charge.
Villa Edoardo could not be located more centrally – just a stone’s throw from the sea and from the town centre’s boutiques, within easy reach of bars offering mouthwatering aperitifs and bistros serving up delicious traditional dishes, and not far from the ancient city gates and 16th-century palazzos. Everything is close at hand: once you reach the villa, you can park your car and you won’t have to use it again. Staying here affords another enticing advantage: the private grounds, where you can take a stroll through the landscaped spaces, re-charging your batteries without a care in the world.
You can choose between a two-room apartment, a three-room apartment and a loft apartment, and between a private garden and a terrace. Since the complex contains a mere 12 units, your privacy is guaranteed. The complex has no architectural barriers.
The outstanding features of the complex include its construction quality, based on the principles of sustainable building and the saving of energy. Accordingly, the cutting-edge systems are complemented by the use of eco-friendly materials, making it possible to reduce summer cooling and winter heating to a minimum, generating constant added value over time. And that’s not all: the thermal wall cladding that is used on the exterior of every apartment – A-rated for energy efficiency – minimises dust inside the home and provides exceptionally effective soundproofing..
From €220,000 with furnishings and holiday accommodation free of charge*
*Promotion valid until 30 July, 2017
Liguria villas for sale (SV)
A worthwhile regeneration project brings the pleasure of convenience
Villa Edoardo was conceived as the end result of a project to regenerate a building that had become dated, geared towards creating more liveable spaces, optimising energy consumption and enhancing quality of life through contact with sustainable materials. The overhaul of the interiors has provided access to more light, the use of heat and sound insulation provides peace-of-mind, the inclusion of private grounds increases the options for entertainment and affords new opportunities for spending quality time together.
The home has been designed to enable you to live better; when you venture outside, we offer you yet another bonus: for an entire year, we make available to you a reserved space on the beach, complete with hut, parasol and sun lounger. You can reach the seaside in a matter of minutes, take your place in no time and then make the most of the beach and the little restaurants that line the shore, with excellent toilet facilities nearby.
Liguria villas for sale (SV)
Take the time to view the showhomes
The interior design of the showhomes allows you to feel the quality of our work for yourself, because even when the construction of a home is entirely finished, it is difficult to imagine what it will look like once it has been furnished. The end results we achieve always exceed expectations, because we like to work on the optimisation of spaces and to make functional that which is already beautiful.
Liguria villas for sale (SV)
A jewel of a town
Loano is a pearl set in the so-called “Palm Riviera” (Rivera delle Palme), which is renowned for its extremely mild climate in both summer and winter, its attractive historical centre and its elegant seafront, which is embellished by small boutiques, gardens, palm trees and fountains. The cleanliness of the sea and the quality of the amenities on offer at the beach and at the modern tourist port have seen the town awarded the European blue flag for several years running.
Relax, surrounded by history, with a view of the island of Gallinara
Liguria villas for sale (SV)
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