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Marina di Borghetto (SV) Liguria

Castello Borelli
Overlooking the sea,
within the walls of a neo-Gothic castle
Location, history, facilities, prestige: at the Castello Borelli, the Italian Riviera can be savoured at its very best. The new sea-facing homes have the beach in front and the parkland of Mount Piccaro behind, with large full-height windows to allow you to make the most of the exceptional panorama; the walls, neo-Gothic in inspiration, envelop the space and imbue residential living here with the utmost privacy, while the swimming pool and spa afford unrivalled comfort.
By the sea, immersed in nature at its most tranquil
As it was during the Middle Ages – the period that inspired the Ghibelline-style battlements – life at the Castello Borelli is marked out by a return to simple, enjoyable customs. Being able to start the day by taking advantage of the endless sea views, in a sun-kissed climate that remains mild and temperate throughout the year, is a very special opportunity. You can then go for a delightful stroll in the botanical gardens and the parkland, surrounded by native plant species, vegetable patches and centuries-old trees, with sensational views of the Ligurian Sea, following a path that enables you to re-charge your proverbial batteries like never before. After a dip in the phyto-floral swimming pool, you can enjoy perhaps an hour or two in the spa. In the summer, you can then take a trip to the beach below the property, where you can immerse yourself in mediaeval history amid walkways, stairways, turrets and squares, as you make your way up to the impressive watchtower.
Back at home, relaxation is the order of the day on the terrace, as you take your place within an ecosystem unlike any other. Your sea-facing apartment has been designed and built to benefit from the latest, most exclusive advances in environmental wellbeing, in perfect synergy with the residential and services spaces.
From €287,000
Liguria villas for sale
Perfect marriage of ancient and modern
Designed in the neo-Gothic style with a wide-ranging ensemble of structures and an articulated sequence of residential buildings that are developed both horizontally, in line with the sea, and vertically, in line with the slopes of Mount Piccaro, the castle plays host to hydraulic systems which are exceptionally well-planned and rational, and are still fully functional today. Under the historical surface, there beats a functional heart: the complex is designed to be self-sufficient in residential and energy terms. Indeed, the use of high-end materials has made it possible to achieve an 'A' rating for energy efficiency. The lift affords easy access to the underground parking spaces.
Liguria villas for sale
A HERITAGE of farms and forests
One truly exceptional feature of the castle is the breathtaking natural parkland that embraces it, from the summit of the mountain down to the sea. The comprehensive reinstatement of the existing vegetation and the ancient pathways that meander around its entire footprint allows the complex to boast unique landscape features found nowhere else. The project encompasses partnerships with industry professionals with a view to tapping the area’s full potential through cultivars of aromatic plants, vineyards, olive trees, vegetable gardens, pine trees and oak trees.
180°sea-facing views
Liguria villas for sale
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