from euro 158,000

Riviera di Ponente (SV) Liguria

280m from the sea,
with a swimming pool, in a residential area
It’s certainly an attractive proposition: just 280 metres from the sea and from the centre of town, Azzurra is coming together out of the comprehensive redevelopment of a timeless building. What makes this a one-off opportunity is the price, which is exceptionally competitive for a property that has such a high level of design content, with an "A" rating for energy efficiency, located in a delightful residential area from which you can easily reach the amenities and beaches on foot.
Special deal: free furnishings and parking space.
There is a great deal of pleasure to be had in seeing your expectations met: living well, being comfortable, having numerous options on offer. At the Azzurra residence, the parking space is free of charge, allowing you to park easily and rapidly – after all, your free time is precious and should be safeguarded. The town centre and all of its amenities are just a short walk from your door, and the beaches are just a stone's throw away: a pleasant stroll will take you everywhere you need to go.
On your return home, you can stay outside, relaxing in a space that is all yours, be it your terrace or your garden. Alternatively, you can make use of the solarium for a dip in the pool and a pause on the panoramic veranda – having that choice is priceless. And when you enter the house, you feel welcomed into a personalised environment, designed for your needs: you're in your home, on holiday. You’re bound to feel happy to be there.
Your delight at this prospect is augmented yet further when you take into account the highly competitive price and the special promotion, which offers you a free parking space and free furnishings.
Azzurra is the unrepeatable opportunity that you weren’t expecting!
From euro 158,000 with free Furnishings and Parking Space*
*Promotion valid until spring 2018
Liguria villas for sale Riviera di Ponente (SV) Liguria
The new pleasure of residential living
A-rated for energy efficiency, Azzurra is made using eco-compatible materials that deliver excellent soundproofing and heat insulation. The thinking behind the design of the external spaces is utterly original, especially as regards the panoramic terraces: the vertical column of slatted boards creates a pleasing contrast and helps to delineate an area where you can make the most of the phenomenal climate of the western section of the Ligurian Riviera. The polygonal shape optimises the available space; the glass balustrade opens up the visual field; and the panelled floor, drawing inspiration from the decks of large sail boats, evokes the nearby seaside.
Liguria villas for sale Riviera di Ponente (SV) Liguria
A multi-faceted land with an enviable climate
The western Ligurian Riviera (“Riviera di Ponente” in Italian) features a dynamic mix of sandy beaches and sheer cliffs, along a coastline dotted with a plethora of stunning medieval villages. Just inland, traditions are still very much in evidence, with a wide range of festivals and other events filling the calendar. The culinary culture here is based on pesto, courgettes, olive oil and truffles. As you venture slightly further away from the coast, you come to the foothills of the Ligurian Alps – a natural barrier that endows the area with an extraordinarily mild and temperate climate, which is ideal for long, season-spanning holidays. Within 90 minutes’ drive, you can reach Genoa, Turin, Milan, Nice and the Côte d’Azure, all of which have their own international airports.
Make use of the al fresco spaces throughout the year,
surrounded by lemon trees, olive trees and beautiful blossom.
Liguria villas for sale Riviera di Ponente (SV) Liguria
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