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Castione della Presolana (BG) Val Seriana

Rocce di Presolana
Last Penthouse Available, with Swimming Pool and Panoramic View
A favourite haunt of Italy’s wealthiest families in the last century due to the quality of the air and the beauty of the landscape, the municipality of Castione is the ideal base for soaking up an atmosphere of tranquil elegance. Moreover, in the residence you can re-charge your batteries in the swimming pool complete with solarium. All just a short distance from Milan, Bergamo and Brescia.
Exposed stonework and spruce imbue the design of the complex with the right feel
Nearby, there are the starting points for the trails that lead through the Conca della Presolana, an upland that takes in some impressive mountain passes and provides the wonderful natural backdrop to excursions at various levels of difficulty, to be enjoyed on foot or by bike. To the side, you will find a small but enchanting and lush valley, playing host to an ancient but perfectly preserved mill that over the years has been transformed into a museum highlighting the culture and traditions of life up here in the mountains.
The route that leads to the house boasts a number of other distinctive features: the gardens are bordered by large landscaped areas that boost the sense of freedom and space; and in the centre, there is the swimming pool complete with solarium area and panoramic views.
The penthouse is made from eco-friendly materials and feature state-of-the-art high-tech services. Garage option is available.
Last Penthouse at €198,000
Lombardy villas for sale Val Seriana (BG) Lombardy
Come and see the furnishings in the showhome
Our designers can completely customise every detail of the decor, both inside and outside your home. To give you a frame a reference and let you feel the quality of the materials used, we have put together a modern showhome that highlights our strengths: optimisation of space, innovation and attention to detail. Come and see the showhome and set out on a shared journey with us, so that you can meet us face-to-face and allow us to give you advice on the design and the choice of complementary furniture, furnishings and accessories.
Lombardy villas for sale Val Seriana (BG) Lombardy
The two pearls of the bergamasque alps
Castione della Presolana is located just a stone’s throw from the complex. This small town is situated at an altitude of 800 metres and is known as the Pearl of the Bergamasque Alps due to its characteristic buildings and the crisp mountain air that one breathes there.
Leveraging a tourist tradition consolidated over the course of almost 100 years – as far back as the 1930s, leading politicians and industrialists were already lauding its beneficial climate – the town offers fully equipped trails and picnic areas, and plays host to a wide range of exhibitions, festivals and other events, including its famed Christmas markets, the re-enactments of the seasonal movement of livestock and the annual international chess festival. All around, the landscape is embellished by forests of ancient beech, spruce and pine trees.
The other ‘pearl’ endows the area with a unique character: the massif of the Presolana, a mountain rich in canals, peaks and towers that rises to an altitude in excess of 2,500 metres. It has always been a destination of choice for mountaineers and hikers.
The most important trails include the Periplo della Presolana, which affords a stunning panoramic view over the surrounding valleys, and the Sentiero delle Orobie, an 80-kilometre stretch of which the Presolana itself constitutes the last of the 7 stages. The pistes of Monte Pora and Colere are located in the vicinity.
Located around one hour’s drive from Milan, Bergamo and Brescia.
An incredible landscape, amid typical chalets
and the peaks of the massif of the Presolana
Lombardy villas for sale Val Seriana (BG) Lombardy
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